Debby has been successfully coaching the newest employees to the most tenured executives with utmost ease and grace. Neely Coaching & Training LLC knows that leadership is not easy. We also know that you are capable of greater things than you realize. We focus on unlocking your potential to get results and support you in being the leader you have always wanted to be. We provide the competitive edge that allows you to balance success and authenticity.



Coaching is a collaborative relationship that facilitates an accelerated process of personal and professional development. As your coach, we will serve as a sounding board, strategy thought partner, encourager, and accountability partner. We will support you in discovering your inner strengths, skills, and wisdom to accomplish what you desire and to empower you to show up as the best leader you can be.


We take a customized approach to providing training based on the needs and learning gaps of the participating leaders. We offer both small and large group training sessions on a variety of topics including communication skills, coaching & feedback, storytelling, and emotional intelligence to name a few.


After working with a leader, if it is determined that a development need exists with their team, we can design a customized training session. In most cases, the leader would work with us to determine their role in the training. Our goal is to support the leader in creating a high-performing culture and team.


If you are not sure what is needed to help you move forward, we offer a free consulting session to talk through your needs and propose possible solutions we can provide to support you.

"Leadership is personal. It's not about the corporation, the community, or the country. It's about you. If people don't believe in the messenger, they won't believe the message. If people don't believe in you, they won't believe in what you say. And if it's about you, then it's about your beliefs, your values, your principles." -Kouzes & Posner



Do you feel stuck? Do you want to do, be and have more? We work with all types of leaders from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to small business owners to individuals who want to serve others through a leadership role.


Whether you are a Corporate Executive or the CEO of your own business, it can sometimes feel like you are on your own. Neely Coaching & Training LLC provides the resources you need to take your leadership to the next level and focus on your development and the development of your team.


The struggle is real! We empower leaders at all levels to step into possibilities and bring their whole selves on the journey.


Have you found yourself in a leadership role out of your desire to serve others and feel like you need some support? We share your passion for servant leadership and can provide the resources and support that you need to be able to accomplish your goals.



Debby Neely of Neely Coaching & Training LLC is a results-focused credentialed coach with many years of proven leadership training and coaching success. She works with both formal and informal leaders to support them in realizing their potential. Debby spent 30 years in a fortune 50 company, including roles in leadership and as a leadership coach and leadership development facilitator supporting all levels of leadership. She now provides these same services for all types of organizations from corporations to small businesses to non-profit organizations. Debby believes that leaders need a safe space to work on themselves and become the leader they are meant to be. She knows that to truly make progress; leaders need to focus on their whole selves. Debby is proud to be a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. She received her coach training through Corporate Coach U. After gaining over 500 hours of coaching experience and receiving a successful evaluation, Debby earned her PCC credential in 2013. Debby has 15+ years of experience facilitating workshops and dialogue sessions. She is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and has experience debriefing assessments, including 360 assessments, to support leaders in identifying the learning gained from the feedback and creating action plans to get them to results. Debby is the founder of the 2911 Group Inc, a faith-based non-profit organization designed to equip young women with tools, information, encouragement, and support to face life’s challenges and maximize their potential. Their events focus on self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, and social responsibility. In June 2022, Debby realized a dream and published the best-selling book, The Word on Coaching, with two fellow coaches. The book was written to support leaders, whether they have the formal title or not, to realize their full potential because Debby knows that leadership can be hard. Debby holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Debby has an exceptional ability to listen, inquire, and motivate people to self driven actions while also demonstrating a personal humility, a personal focus on continued learning, and without making you feel as if she is judging you.

She approaches each conversation with an open demeanor and brings out the best in others as a result.She leads from her heart—not a script in a guidebook—and it shows.

She consistently performs at a high level and has tremendous talent in coaching others to achieve their maximum potential.Debby has been successful coaching the newest employees to the most tenured executives with utmost ease and grace.

Debby’s ability to help me focus on my personal and professional goals and what I need to do to achieve them was invaluable. More than just a “cheerleader,” her insight and perspective made it possible for me develop a clear and executable plan to which I could hold myself accountable.



Contact us for a free consultation or best-fit coaching conversation today. Our focus is your success. Our goal is to move you forward.